Saturday, March 14, 2009

We made it! Well, almost. Jem and I made it and are awaiting news on J', still trekking across the mountains. Our flight was great and Jem was hilarious. We landed upon a wet, chilly, and spring-like land, and I am now cozies up in my on my in-laws couch while Jem naps.
I continue to fluctuate between incredible excitement and breathless anxiety. It would help if I could achieve a sense of reality in the midst of all this; I am so detached! In my head, I know it's real; we've left, we've officially moved, our home does not await us but in the Hills. But it's difficult for this not to feel like a unique vacation. It's tricky to grasp that most of what we own really is in that tiny trailer and we really are moving into that tiny-house on the driveway. Hmm.... I'm sure it'll all come rushing in soon enough.

I'm looking forward to this week. I think I'm seeing these initial days as more of a 'visit' (and not just because of being detached!). It's going to be good to catch-up with J's folks, unpack, find our bearings. unfortunately, the forecast says rain, rain, snow, rain, for the next two weeks :( I'm unsure how this sunny prairie gal is going to take that...! But, I guess it'll keep us in to work on more paperwork and research.

Hm. We're really here. It's ending and beginning; the circle of another season, the changing of another tide. To everything....