Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The house is cold as the temperature has finally dropped. The yard is sparkling like an elfish land and glinting particles of blue and red and pink through the tiny crystals formed on each piece of grass and on each branch and post. It is GORGEOUS. The horses are all shaggy and covered in frost, Jem's cheeks are rosy red, and I'm trying to get the house fires burning a little higher and a little hotter.

There are two stone masons at work on the chimney here in the main house (it's one huge cenral chimney for 3 stoves). They're setting new dark flagstone and it's beautiful. There are certain trades that I find expecially intriguing, masonery is one of them. It seems like such an art to fit each stone so perfectly together so that it can last for years. My great-grandma was an accomplished carpenter (and horse trainer!), and I think it would be so cool if more women, including myself, would master a trade or two? Have you ever considered learning one?


Naturalearthfarm said...

What a beautiful photo - of the fallen birch tree. It would be wonderful if more women were involved in the trades if that is their hearts desire.
Warm wishes.

Brooke said...

my mother is a great woodworker and carpenter. the older i've grown the more i really admire and cherish that knowlege that i grew up with: that the women in my family are very capable, able to make things, able to figure things out. something i definitely appreciate in the women around me. we have SO much to offer each other.

Dea' said...

Aw, so great to hear the shared views :) We DO have much to offer each other!